HMI Control System

The TAS Touch Screen colour HMI utilises the latest Human Machine Interface technology and is perfect for cyclic testing. Available on all TAS Series 3 and ECO Chambers, Test Rooms including Plant Growth.

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HMI, Human Machine Interface
High Resolution Full Colour, Backlit Display Four wire resistive Touch Screen.
IP65 rated for use in harsh environments
Large, clear display of set and actual conditions
Pop up alarm panels show important information
The TAS HMI control system can be retrofitted to existing chambers
Manufactured in the UK since 1968
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Bespoke Plant Growth control system
Multi-page Profile Controller with linked pages
180 line capacity
Delayed start, digital outputs and auto switch off
Profiles can be saved to USB memory stick
Upto 5 control loops, ie °C, %RH, %O2, Lux etc
On screen Chart Recorder with instant access to data
Look-up panel provides easy interrogation
User adjustable left and right scales
Customisable to include additional data such as remote sensors
Intuitive on-screen help pages
Fast 400Mhz processor, 32 bit floating point maths
Built in PLC functionality reduces component count and increases reliability
Solid State design - no HDD

Built in USB data logging facility
1GB memory stick can store unto 5 years data
Interrogation software included FOC
The TAS HMI control system firmware is written by our in-house software engineers.
We can add virtually
any control and logging feature you require
  • Multipoint thermocouples / RTDs
  • Pressure sensors
  • Voltage / current outputs