Remote Conditioning Systems

  • Thermal & Climatic Cycling
  • +100°C or +180°C
  • -40°C or -75°C (-120ºC option)
  • 'Total Loss' with Changeover De-frost provides 24/7 operation at low temperature
  • 10 to 98%rh Humidity Option
  • Ideal for Shakers and Slip Tables
  • Bespoke Size and Layout
  • Lightweight, Low Cost Enclosures
Temperature Applied Sciences Ltd Mobile Conditioning Unit Temperature Applied Sciences Ltd Climatic Shaker Base

• Ultimate Flexibility
• Build your own chamber
• Or use our Lightweight System
• Self Contained and Air-cooled
• Plug and Play - installation not required
• Perfect for use with Shakers and Slip Tables

TAS Ltd Fixed Environmental Conditioning Unit TAS Ltd Fixed Environmental Portable Conditioning Unit

• For very large payloads
• 'Total Loss' auto De-Frost
• 24/7 operation at low temperature
• Mechanical Refrigeration Systems (no LN2)
• Does not require an 'hermetically sealed' enclosure
Ideal for Twin Shaker Systems
• Installed by TAS Engineers

TAS Ltd Large Climatic Enclosure

• Build your own Low Cost enclosure
• Or TAS bespoke 'panel on frame' system
• Ultimate design flexibility

TAS Ltd Large Environmental Enclosure
TAS Ltd Chamber Control System Test Chamber Chart Recorder

• Clear & Simple to use
• Built in Chart Recorder
• Save data to USB memory
180 step Programmer
Remote Operation

ATEX Humidifier

• Water Vapour Generator
• Sterilisation Feature
• Reliable - one moving part
Mains Water
• Self-cleaning

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