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Environmental Test Chambers

Series 3
Series 3 Test Chamber Shaker Test Chamber

• Extremely robust and hardwearing
• Ideal for factory and production
• Thermal & Climatic cycling
+180°C (+350ºC option)
• -40°C or -75°C (-120ºC option)
• 10 to 98%rh Humidity (+Ultra Dry option)
• 64 to 1728 Litre Capacity (Bespoke option)
• Shaker Interface option

Open ECO Test Chamber ECo Test Chamber

• Quiet and compact
• Ideal for laboratories
• Long term stability studies
• -10°C or -40°C
• 10 to 98%rh Humidity (+Ultra Dry option)
• 135, 400 and 900 Litre Capacity
• Plant Growth / Photostability option

Micro Test Chamber Humidity Micro Test Chamber

• The Desktop Chamber
• Small size - big performance
• Fully featured
• -40°C or -70°C, 13 amp plug
• 10 to 98%rh Humidity (+Ultra Dry option)
• 11, 27 and 42 Litre Capacity

Environmental Test Rooms

Fully Welded
Welded Test Room Inside Large Test Room

• Extremely robust and hardwearing
• Thermal & Climatic cycling
+180°C (+350ºC option)
• -40°C or -75°C (-120ºC option)
• 10 to 98%rh Humidity (Ultra Dry option)
• Local or Remote Plant
• Bespoke Size - Built to Order

Outdoor Test Room Containerised Chamber Plant

• Fully Welded OR
• Panel Type
Fully Weatherproofed
• No requirements for Enclosure
• WiFi Remote Operation
• Container Versions are Transportable

Panel Type
Panel Test Room Chamber Schematic

• Low Cost
• Thermal & Climatic cycling
+100°C (+150ºC option)
• -40°C or -75°C
• 10 to 98%rh Humidity (Ultra Dry option)
• Local or Remote Plant
• Delivered 'flat -packed', installed by TAS engineers
• Bespoke Size - Built to Order

Conditioning Units

Mobile 'MCU'
Mobile Conditioning Unit Shaker Interface

• Temperature and Climatic Versions
• Recirculated or Wasted Air
• Fully Welded or
• Panel Type Enclosures
• Engine Test Cells
• Perfect for Shakers

Fixed 'FCU'
Fixed Conditioing Unit Conditioing Hoses

• Temperature and Climatic
• Change-over Defrost
• 24/7 Operation at Low Temperatures
• Fixed and Flexible Ducting
• For Very Large Products

Special Products

Thermal Fluid Systems
Thermal Fluid System Another Thermal Fluid System

• Process Heating to +350ºC
• Process Cooling to -120ºC
Mechanical refrigeration
• Combined Heating & Cooling
High Accuracy for Calibration Baths

Thermal Shock & ESS
Thermal Shock Chamber Open Thermal Shock Chamber

• Moving Basket or Static Chamber
• -90ºC to +220ºC
• Up-to 20ºC per minute Linear
Air or Water Cooled
Bespoke sizes available

Altitude & Thermal Vacuum
Altitude Thermal Vacuum Chamber Vacuum Chamber Inside

• 10-6mbar - Thermal Vacuum
• 1400 to 10mbar - Altitude
• -40ºC, -75ºC or -120ºC
• +180ºC
• Humidity Option for Ice Simulation
• Cylindrical or Cubic

Hire & Service

Hire Chambers
Hire Test Chamber ECO Hire Chamber

Large Range of Chambers
-75° to +180°C
10 to 98%rh
11 to 900 litres
Try Before You Buy

Service, Calibration & Upgrades
TAS Service Vehicle Chamber Panel

• Service Contracts
• Calibration with UKAS instruments
• Breakdown, Upgrades, Refurbishment
• All Makes Convered

External Chamber Plant
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