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Temperature and Humidity Test Room with large, heated windows and powerful lighting for high speed filming of automotive airbag deployments.

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Large Temperature and Humidity Test Chamber with Robotic Doors and Sled, for pre-conditioning of automotive airbags prior to deployment.
ATEX rated Test Chamber for use with Flammable Gas. Heating and Cooling via inert Thermal Fluid.
Fixed Conditioning System, Temperature and Humidity, rated at 20kW heating and cooling. Supplying conditioned air to vehicle HVAC. Recirculated type.
Fixed Conditioning Unit with dual Heat Exchangers, automatic Change-over and Defrost allows the use of Low Cost, customised Enclosures.
Thermal Vacuum Chamber with Humidity for development of discrete Crack Sensors for Aerospace.
Test Chamber supplied in sections to fit inside customer's lift
Climatic Test Room with twin compartments. Left side Outdoor conditions with Temperature, Humidity, Rain and Wind. Right side Indoor conditions with Temperature and Humidity and Heat Flux Measurement.
Compact, self-contained Thermal Vacuum Chamber for testing small Satellites and Space Components prior to launch.
Temperate and Humidity Test Room, Twin Compartment, within larger Test Room to mitigate heat flux. Development and test of Domestic Fan Heater to International Standards.
Dust Chamber for testing Seat Belts. Two dust types, heated pads, shake-down system, cyclonic filtration.
Temperature and Humidity Test Room, Twin Compartment, for testing Structures to mitigate earthquake damage to buildings.
Fixed Conditioning Unit, Total Loss System. Temperature conditioning of Engine (ICE) to -40ºC prior to start-up
Temperature Test Chamber with large Internal and External Water Tanks. Cycle roofing tiles between -40ºC Air and +5ºC Water.
Climatic Test Room simulating External Conditions with Test & Measurement System, Variable Load (20kW) or Variable Temperature. Fully programmable to simulate diurnal cycle.
Climatic Test Room simulating Internal and External Conditions. Increased Safety for development of CNG powered Heat Pumps.
Climatic Fixed Conditioning Unit, Total Loss System, Twin Airstreams. Test and Development of Combined Ventilation and Heat Recovery Units.
Large Vacuum Chamber to 100,000 feet altitude for development of Propellers on electrically powered aircraft.
Mobile Conditioning Unit, Total Loss System. < +/- 1%rh for pharmaceutical production.
Bench top Test Chamber, Temperature & Humidity, with Peltier Cooled Plate. Development of Hydrophobic Coatings to mitigate ice on aircraft wings.
Environmental Stress Screening Chamber, 20ºC/minute Linear, using Mechanical Cooling only - no LN2.
Thermal Shock Chamber, twin compartment, vertical. +100ºC air into +2ºC water <10 seconds. Testing automotive suspension components.
Test Chamber with Silicone Rubber Glove Ports and Heated Viewing Window for operation of devices at extremes of temperature.
Small Test Chamber, +180 to -128ºC mechanical cooling only. Liquid Nitrogen unavailable. Development of PANCAM on ESA Mars Exploration Rover.
Twin, Outdoor Test Chambers with Heat Flux measurement systems, for testing Building Materials.
Seven Plant Growth Chambers, walk-in. Switched banks of lights, dimmable, plus CO2 injection and watering system.
Office within Shipping Container for deployment in harsh locations. 20kW Heating and Cooling System, ruggedised. Diesel Generator powered.
Climatic Test Room within Shipping Container for deployment at customer's sites worldwide.
ECO Test Chamber with Water Droplet System, 1 to 50 drops per second. Development of Hydrophobic Coatings.
Thermal Vacuum Chamber, high precision <+/- 1mbar, for calibration of Pressure Sensors 1400 to 400mbar, +50 to -40ºC
Large Temperature Test Chamber for pre-conditioning of two vehicles prior to four post vibration testing.
Temperature Test chamber with Dynamic Rig to test durability of Rubber Drive Belts.
Walk in Climatic Test Room with large Heated Window for viewing of occupants. Running and Cycling machines inside chamber to test Footwear and Clothing.
Thermal Vacuum Chamber, Altitude type, for testing of new aerospace technologies, to -100ºC
Temperature and Climatic Chambers for use with Tensile Test Machines, various sizes.
Thermal Vacuum Chamber for development of new technologies associated with small satellites (CubeSats).
Test Room with 16 Process Variables, including 3D Image Projection, mounted on a Moving Platform.
Pan Climatic Test Chamber for aerospace components.
High Stability Temperature Test Room with Conveyer System, conditioning 750 TRVs at a time.
ECO Test Chamber with Extremely Low Humidity, refrigerated type (not desiccant).
Thermal Fluid Conditioner, +100 to -110ºC , <+/- 0.3ºC
Temperature Test Chamber, +350 to -70ºC for testing flexible Automotive Exhaust Components.
Temperature and Humidity Test Chamber with Shaker Interface, adjustable height. Vertical and Horizontal Axis Vibration.
Thermal Fluid System, +220 to -20ºC to test Wellheads used in the Oil Industry.

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TAS are specialist in Ultra Low Temperature, high powered Mechanical Cooling Systems
-128°C without the use of Liquid Nitrogen (LN2)
Safer than LN2 and no re-fills required!
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