Thermal Vacuum Chambers

Altitude Test Chambers
Pan Climatic
Combined Pressure and Vacuum
High Stability for Calibration of Devices
+1400 to 10mbar +/- 0.1
+220 to -120°C
Mechanical or LN2 Cooling

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Altitude Chamber

• Stainless Steel Interior
• Cylinder or Cubic layout
Access Ports
• Thermal Platen
• Radiation Shields

Test Chamber Controls

• Clear & Simple to use
• Built in Chart Recorder
• Save data to USB memory
180 step Programmer
Remote Operation

Test Chamber Chart Recorder
Chamber Plant

• The latest low GWP refrigerants
• Water or Air Cooled
• High performance 2 stage compressor

Chamber Control Board

• Simple to Maintain
• Individual Circuit Protection
• Robust Construction

Vacuum Pump

• Dry Scroll Roughing Pump
• Turbo-molecular Pump
• Residual Gas Analysis (RGA)
• Cold trap

TAS Enviironmental Test Room

• 10-6mBar
• +220°C max
• -128°C min

Thermal Vacuum Chamber Linear Thermal Ramp Rate

• Vacuum and Pressure cycling
• +/-0.1mBar stability
• +220°C max
• -128°C min

Altitude Chamber

• Atmospheric to 10 mBar
• Vacuum only

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