HMI Control System

7" Touch Screen - compatible with gloves
VNC Server allowing remote operation
Chart Recorder
Logging to USB device
Simple to use
Multiple Programs
Fully customisable by TAS Software Engineers
Multiple loops - Temperature, Humidity, Pressure plus more

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Control System Overview

• Automatic Cycling - Ramp, Dwell, Hold, Repeat
• Extremely robust and hardwearing
• Mature Technology, Since 2007
Solid State - no disk drive
• No risk of malware

Control page

• 180 segments
• Delayed Start feature
• Save and Load to USB memory
Easy data entry
Tabular format

Chamber Recorder USB Memory Stick

• Built-in Chart Recorder
• Saved Encrypted Data to USB device
• Add extra channels
Multiple Thermocouples / RTDs
• Voltage and Current signals

Chamber Communications Chamber Cyber

• Remote operation via VNC
• Operate your chamber from home
• Ethernet & WiFi (via adaptor)
Interface to a PC or ATE
• RS232/485

Control System Expansion

• Add more Control Loops
• Up-to 32, Open and Closed
• Digital Outputs
• Plus Voltage and Current

Climatic Chamber for Hire

• Upgrade your machine
• All makes covered
• On site or return to TAS
Competitive cost