Standard Chambers with Special Features

  • TAS manufacture and install Stress Screening Chamber for Contract Electronics Manufacturer, +180°C to -70°C, 30°C per min linear using mechanical refrigeration
  • TAS complete Ultra Low Environmental Chamber for Mars Climate Simulation, +150 to -128.5°C using mechanical refrigeration (no LN2)
  • TAS deliver 2 off Blast Freezers for historic document preservation
  • TAS complete build of 3 off Environmental Stress Screening Systems for an Electronics Company, +180°C to -70°C, 20°C per min linear, LN2 cooled
  • TAS supply a Special Series 3 MT1000 Test Chamber to an Automotive Customer, temperature range -40°C to +300°C, mechanical cooling and Vibration Interface
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And many, many more over the past 5 decades