Low Energy Test Chamber - fits through a standard doorway

  • New 'Low Energy' Environmental Test Chamber
  • Low temperature AND climatic control from a 13 amp plug
  • Slim design fits through a standard doorway, 155 litres capacity
  • -70 to +180°C, 10 to 98%rh, on board water supply
  • TAS HMI programmer, shelves, ports, lockable castors
  • Much lower power consumption than comparable chambers

Control System

  • Our in-house Touch Screen control system is upgraded with VNC support. Chambers can be controlled and data downloaded from any remote location
  • In-house TAS software engineers can add many additional features to the HMI control system, such as multi-channel thermocouple recording, voltage and current outputs etc


  • TAS engineers continue to refine our cutting edge mechanical refrigeration systems, achieving -128°C without the assistance of Liquid Nitrogen


  • Refinement of proven TAS chamber design, offering temperatures up-to +300°C

Employee Training

  • TAS apprentices and engineers undertake voluntary and mandatory training courses

New Lightweight Enclosure System

  • For use with our Conditioning Units, our Lightweight Enclosure System allows superb flexibility with low cost of ownership.
  • Perfect for Large Products and Shakers

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