Small Temperature Humidity Chambers

TAS Micro - small size, big performance Environmental Test Chambers
Temperature Chambers or
Temperature and Humidity Climatic Chambers
Compressor or Gas Cooled (CO2, LN2)
+100°C to -40 or -70°C
10 to 98%rh

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Inside a Test Chamber

• Benchtop
• All Stainless Steel
• +180°C to -40, -70°C
• 10 to 98%rh
Window fitted as Standard
• 70mm Access Port(s)
• 13 amp plug*

Test Chamber Controls

• Clear & Simple to use
• Built in Chart Recorder
• Save data to USB memory
180 step Programmer
Remote Operation

Test Chamber Chart Recorder
Test Chamber Cooling System

• The latest low GWP refrigerants
• Air Cooled as Standard
• Chiller NOT required
Hermetically Sealed
• Single and Three Phase models

Test Chamber Humidity System

• Water Vapour Generator
• Sterilisation Feature
• Reliable - one moving part
Manual or Auto Fill
• On-board Tank

Chamber Control Board

• Simple to Maintain
• Individual Circuit Protection
• Robust Construction

Coming Soon!
  • Tensile Test Machine Interface
  • Mains Water Fill (Climatic only)
  • Plant Growth / Photostability
  • Bepoke Size
  • Shaker Interface
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